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Viswanathan M


Viswanathan is a very outspoken person who loves to discover new places and experience diverse cultures. He is well-experienced in the travel industry and has been engaged in various parts of the tourism industry. He is a very hardworking person who completely devoted himself to his work. What separates him from others is that his enthusiasm, he loves his work, and enjoy it to the fullest. He is very ambitious and with high dreams, in his eyes, he always looks forward to traveling around the world to expand the business. He loves to make new friends and start up stories.

Cinque Terre



Nagaraj is the legal advisor of this company. He advises and deals with this company’s legal issues. He has an experience of seven years in the field of law. He counsels about the legal rights and obligations of the company and applies the laws to the specific circumstances that the company faces. He conducts the analysis of legal issues. He is a very efficient lawyer, who handles all the legal issues flawlessly. He is truly viable, who is enterprising by nature and always geared up to take the reins of a latest business and grip where it leads.

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Radhika being a bright student loves perfection in all her works. She is a M.sc graduate from a renowned University. For the team members, she always proves herself as a very good and inspiring mentor. She combines her skills and experience in both the vacation and the commercial travel fields and works. From the very first day she has been associated with Your Holytrip. She always shows her supportive approach towards the company. She always proves her abilities in the time of crisis. She loves to take new challenges which further helps to flourish the business in a very efficient way.

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Vinodhini is a very jovial person by nature whose passion is to bring innovative ideas in the field of the travel industry. She has done her graduation from Ethiraj College from the stream of Commerce. She arranges travel plans for business and vacation the clients. She is very optimistic and having a positive attitude towards her life and also towards her business. She is very friendly with her team members and always gives her presentation in an inspirational way. She always tends to be very supportive towards her team members. She is an easy going person and also helpful.

Cinque Terre


Head-Web Development

Gopi is a very efficient web developer who always comes up with the solution of any sort of trouble. He is a M.sc graduate. He doesn’t like to talk too much but what he likes most is to spend his time in coding with the programs. His one and only dream is to become an actor someday but unfortunately none gave him an opportunity. He is always there to make alternative booking arrangements if any sort of variations arises either it’s before the commencement of the tour or in the midst of the tour. He is scared of Rajiv who doesn’t miss any single chance to pull his legs.

Cinque Terre



Pravin is a very enthusiastic and jovial person. He is a MCA graduate. He is an expert in SEO an internet marketing. Pravin loves to experiment with creative and latest internet marketing techniques. His passion is to do his work perfectly and always in the right ways. He loves to watch movies in his spare time. He is very determined towards his job and dedicated towards his clients. He figures out the client’s needs and requirements efficiently regarding their schedule, their budget, etc. and offers them the best suitable solution. He always comes up with fair and fresh new ideas to flourish his business.

Cinque Terre


Operation Manager

Vignesh is the person who has the responsibility to handle the operations. He is a perfect worker who loves perfection in his work. He relies on the information and pre-planned guidelines to carry out the functions of the job. He let his team members’ work under minimum administration. He is the one and only married man in the team. Though he is a perfectionist, he is very lazy. His colleagues always have to remind him about the job but once he concentrates on it, he just does it efficiently. His future plan is to settle in the US with his family.

Cinque Terre

Rajiv Ghandhi

Digital Marketing Executive

Rajiv is skilled in leisure travel however his passion is for commercial. He belongs to a remote village. Being a deep village guy he becomes an inspiration among his team members. He is a MCA Graduate. It is his first job in Your Holytrip. He always comes up with great new ideas in the field of Tourism. He is a family loving person and his bonding with his family is so strong that he treats his team members like his family. His roots with his family and village are so deep that he thinks about the traditional ways to flourish the business.

Cinque Terre

Dwarakesh Arshu

Senior Developer Executive

DwaRakesh Arshu is a fresher in this field. It is his first job with Your Holytrip. He is a very responsible person who coordinates the company’s travel requirements and needs. He makes the programs efficiently.He is a B.Tech graduate. He is a family loving person and he shares a deep-rooted bonding among his family members. He is an easy going person who loves to talk over the phone for hours if possible for him. He has more interest in coding who wants to hold the top position in an MNC but fortunately, he is with Your Holytrip at present.

Cinque Terre

Siva balan

Developer Executive

Siva Balan is a fresher in field of the tourism industry.It is his first job with Your Holytrip but he is efficient enough to deal with any sort of issues. He always makes sure that travel needs are met with the limitations of the company tour funds. He is not only a proficient PHP Coder but also a very well-organized coder of his own life. He is fully equipped with the knowledge of commonly-used concepts, process, and practices regarding this particular field. He always wants to associate with his colleagues and the clients in a very pleasant manner.